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Winnerwell Iron Stove

The Winnerwell Iron Camping Cooker Stove Classic Edition is a modern revival of the traditional "Sad Iron Stoves" from the late 19th century, designed for outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate a blend of heritage and innovation.

Constructed from durable cast iron, stainless steel, brass, and mica, this stove is not only built to last but also adds a cozy warmth to your campsite with its enchanting glow from the mica windows. It offers versatile cooking options, from grilling to boiling, and operates on paraffin oil or kerosene, making it efficient and economical.

Compact and portable, it's perfect for adventurers on the move, providing around 5 hours of burn time with a 600ml tank capacity. The stove is easy to maintain and is a testament to craftsmanship, celebrating the fusion of history and modern engineering in every use