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SR Portables Thia 130wh 10ah Portable Lithium Solar Generator


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Meet Thia a portable solar generator

Charge Thia with foldable solar panel and take your power with you.  Have access to clean, silent, renewable electricity wherever and whenever you need it.  You can power your devices while Thia is being charged by a solar panel or you can unplug the solar panel and bring Thia to wherever you want to use power your electronic devices.  Thia has a built in torch and lamp making it perfect for blackouts, camping and any night time use.  It takes 4-6 hours to charge in full sun with a 40W panel (8V 2A max).  You can also charge Thia via a wall socket in 6 hours. 

  • All-in-one Unit: All in one portable solution with an in-built Inverter, UPS, PV charger, and Li-Ion battery pack that can be integrated with Solar PV, as well as the Grid and/or Diesel generators.
  • Portable, sleek , safe and lightweight- The 1.5kg, 20 x 9 x 16cm compactly designed solar generator come with 5W LED lamp and 1.5W torch function, with 3 levels of brightness, capacity display and functions noise free
  • The advanced circuit design makes Thia safe and durable.
  • Zero installation and maintenance requirements – High efficiency, long life(up to 8 times longer) and comes with 1 year warranty
  • Power: 130Wh Storage with 100 watts output to power AC and DC appliances
  • Application: DC 12V 9A(1 port), USB A (2ports), DC Out 9-12.6V,/2A (4 ports), AC 220-240V (1 port) Use for: lamp, fan, tv, refrigerator, laptop, computer etc

Did you know that this SR Portables product carries the Australian Made certification under the Australian Made Campaign licensee number 9732.

Sunpower Renewables Pty. Ltd., an Australian renewable energy solutions company, has developed modern, efficient, and smart solar energy products that allow customers to achieve energy independence while being cost effective, long lasting and environmentally friendly. Our ‘Australian Made’ products, with cutting-edge technology, are designed for industrial, commercial, residential and off-grid applications. Through our products we want to empower every consumer to generate, store and use solar energy anytime, anywhere.

Our renewable energy generation and storage devices, ranging from hand-held to grid connected products, allow users to generate and store energy (from the grid, solar or external generators) and then intelligently release it to appliances based on user-programmed preferences (e.g. in response to time-of-day pricing of electricity) to reduce the total electricity costs for the user.

Sunpower Renewables has designed a product, which is an all in one solution, fully integrating all the different components of the solar plant with additional features like an in-built Inverter, MPPT charge controller, a pure sine wave UPS, a reversible net meter and an in-built Li-Ion battery pack for energy storage. Integrating all these components into a single, compact, portable, plug and play product, which offers energy storage is a game changer for the renewable energy industry.

These state-of-the-art, simple-to-use, and light-weight portable solutions have proven to be more sustainable & viable, both commercially and technically, than traditional solar and renewable alternatives. Compliant with international quality standards, they can provide cost-efficient and long-lasting green and clean energy to the community at large, with negligible maintenance expenses.
With innovation & sustainability at the core, we believe in continually evolving our solutions in anticipation of the changing consumer needs.

R&D and product quality: 

The epicentre for conceptualization, design and development of our suite of products is our base in Melbourne, Australia where we have established state of the art R&D and product development facilities. Our focussed approach on R&D-driven solution development allows us to deliver superior quality products which differentiates us from our competitors.

Sunpower Renewables strictly adheres to regulatory policies and procedures, and our company guidelines have a strong emphasis on vendor, component and process quality management.

We ensure end-to-end control over our supply chain and offer our customers’ adequate warranties and guarantees for our products, along with providing prompt technical support as and when the need arises. We have secured CE, RoHS, and FCC certifications and the ‘Australian Made’ licence for our products by ensuring a stringent series of audits, procedures, and continued quality checks within our product development process.

Sunpower Renewables believes in learning and growing as a continual process under R&D. Our team brings together a collective knowledge base of over 500 years through experts from various domains, including engineering, design, marketing, quantitative mathematics, project management, business development, and finance. With their knowledge and commitment to R&D, we continue to evolve our range of portable and reliable products.


Tech Specs:

Output AC output Rated voltage 220-240Vac
Rated power 100 W
Frequency 50Hz
DC12V output x 4 Rated voltage 9.0V – 12.6V
Rated current 2A
USB output x 2 Rated voltage 5V
Rated current 2A
LED Light 1.5W (High - Low)
LED Torch 5W (High - Low)
AC Input AC Wall charge 12.9V 2A (25w)
Solar PV Input Input voltage 12.9~24Vdc
Input power 40W (recommended) – 4 hours
Car charging Input Car charger 12.9V 2A
Battery Rated capacity 130Wh
Rated voltage 10.8 Vdc
Battery cell type Li-ion
Voltage range 9.0V – 12.6V
General Protection level IP21
Working environment condition Relative humidity: 5%-90%
Temperature: 0-45℃
Size L204*W90*H160.7mm
Net weight 1.5 kg

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