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Winnerwell Nomad vs Ozpig: Choosing the Best Wood Fired Camping Stove

Winnerwell Nomad vs Ozpig: Choosing the Best Wood Fired Camping Stove

As our camping setups get so much more advanced ( induction cookers and microwaves are now a common sight in 4x4 canopies) there is a good reason so many Aussie campers are returning to basics and looking for a wood fired camping stove.

While all the gadgets make our lives easier around the camp site, there is still something special about building your own fire and cooking on a wood fired stove.

Whether it’s the never ending list of camp sites banning open fires, the satisfaction of cooking on a fire you built yourself, or just an excuse to get the kids (and your partner) off their phones - a wood fired camping stove is a great addition to any campsite!

The two options most Aussie campers find themselves comparing are the Ozpig, and the Winnerwell Nomad Camping Stove.

The Winnerwell Nomad is a its fully enclosed wood stove designed for cooking and heating that can also accommodate manufactured fuels.  The Winnerwell Nomad View also features a large glass viewing windows on the front and side, to bring the warmth and ambience of a campfire, even if open fires are not allowed.

On the flip side, the Ozpig has created a niche for itself with a unique design that doubles as a cooker and heater, bringing a touch of comfort to the rugged outdoor experience. It boasts a robust, powder-coated steel construction. While it offers an immersive camping-like experience even when used in one's backyard, its weight is a consideration for those who require easy transportability.

Lets take a deep dive and compare the two most popular wood fired camping stoves.

Overview of Winnerwell Nomad

winnerwell nomad with flame on grass

The Winnerwell Nomad stands out as a versatile and robust solution for outdoor heating and cooking, favoured by campers and outdoor enthusiasts for its reliability and thoughtful design.

Design and Build Quality

Crafted with precision, the Winnerwell Nomad features a sturdy stainless steel construction that ensures durability and longevity - no need to worry about rust. Its square-shaped body and nesting legs give this stove a great modern look, while also making it extremely portable.

Portability and Setup

Despite its solid build, this stove remains highly portable. It disassembles with relative ease and the flue (chimney) packs away inside which makes transport and setup uncomplicated, suiting a range of outdoor settings, from campsites to backyards.

Heating Efficiency

The Winnerwell Nomad is synonymous with efficient heating. While ‘hot tenting’ isn’t too popular here, European and American campers rave over the Winnerwell’s ability to heat a tent all night, even in the coldest climates - making this a great option for keeping you warm on a cold night.

The adjustable vent allows for a controlled burn, maximising heat output and minimising waste. The inclusion of a glass-viewing window on certain models adds both practicality and ambiance, allowing you to see the fire.  This is great for campsites that don’t allow open fires, allowing you to view the flame as if you were sitting around an open fire.

Accessories and Compatibility

A breadth of accessories increases the stove's versatility, from water tanks to cooking surfaces. Its compatibility with different-sized tents and spaces makes it a go-to choice for those who value functionality alongside high-quality manufacturing.

Popular accessories include the water tank, which allows you to keep boiling water on hand with a tap for easy access - and the pipe oven which sits above the stove using heat from the flue to heat the oven.  This allows you to bake anything from scones, to a full roast without losing any cooking space on top of the stove.

Inspection of Ozpig

ozpig camping stove with flame on grass

When considering an Ozpig cooker & heater, potential buyers often weigh up its design robustness, portability, heating efficiency, available sizes, and customisation potential.

Form and Durability

The Ozpig is constructed from powder-coated steel, designed to withstand the elements and offer considerable longevity. Users have reported that these units can persist through extensive use, often lasting for many years with proper care.

Ease of Transport and Assembly

This heater and cooker, while sturdy, is designed with portability in mind. It can be packed down, making it relatively easy for transportation. Assembly is straightforward, with users noting it can be set up quickly, which is ideal for camping scenarios.

Efficacy in Heating

With its open door, the Ozpig effectively radiates heat, making it a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking warmth and ambiance. Its design ensures even heat distribution, a feature appreciated during cooler evenings outdoors.  THe Ozpig is a fully enclosed unit which does not allow for viewing of the flame, unless you open the front door, reducing efficiency.

Multiple Sizes Available

Ozpig offers various models to suit different needs, including their classic design and the larger Big Pig version. The size variation caters to individual preferences, whether for a more intimate setting or larger gatherings requiring more extensive heating and cooking capabilities.

Add-Ons and Adaptability

A significant advantage of the Ozpig is the range of add-ons available, from extension chimneys to different cooking surfaces, enhancing its adaptability. It can function as a simple heater or transform into a versatile cooking station, depending on the chosen accessories.

Comparative Analysis

In the realm of camping stoves, the Winnerwell Nomad and Ozpig are both renowned for their unique features. This section delves into their heat output, portability, cost-effectiveness, and what users think of each product.

Heat Output and Management

The Winnerwell Nomad is praised for its versatility in fuel usage, being able to handle wood as well as other manufactured fuels. Its design ensures a controlled burn and efficient heat distribution, which can be crucial during cold-weather camping trips. The Ozpig, on the other hand, is known for its robust build and the capacity to generate a significant amount of heat, but it might be less versatile when it comes to fuel compatibility.

Portability Comparisons

When unpacked, both stoves serve well in a campsite setting; however, their portability differs. The Winnerwell Nomad is often highlighted for its relatively lightweight and compact design, making it easier to carry on trips. Meanwhile, owners of the Ozpig value the stove's sturdy design, though it can be bulkier and heavier, making it less ideal for those looking to minimise their pack weight.

Price and Value for Money

In terms of pricing, the Ozpig often comes in as a more affordable option compared to the Winnerwell Nomad. Users considering the Nomad should view it as a long-term investment, as it generally costs more but also provides additional practical features and durability that could justify its higher price tag for frequent campers.

User Experience and Reviews

Users of the Winnerwell Nomad stove appreciate its ease of setup and effective heating capability, as can be found in online forums. The Ozpig stove has many positive reviews too, with users noting its solid build quality and value for money. Nevertheless, it's essential to weigh personal needs and preferences, as experiences can vary based on individual expectations and usage scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing between the Winnerwell Nomad and the Ozpig portable stoves for outdoor adventures, potential buyers may have a few questions about their differences, efficiency, durability, and overall value. Below are the most common queries answered in detail.

What are the main differences between the Winnerwell Nomad and Ozpig portable stoves?

The Winnerwell Nomad boasts a rectangular firebox and a nesting four-leg design, whereas the Ozpig has a distinctive cylindrical body. The Nomad is crafted from stainless steel and is designed to be both portable and durable.  The winnerwell Nomad View also includes 2x glass viewing windows, which adds the benefit of viewing the flame.

How does the heating efficiency of the Winnerwell Nomad compare to that of the Ozpig?

Heating efficiency largely depends on the stove's design and how the air circulates within it. Customers often report that the Winnerwell Nomad distributes heat evenly due to its rectangular firebox. In contrast, the Ozpig is praised for the warmth it provides, particularly with its open-front design allowing heat to radiate in a specific direction.

In terms of durability, which is better – the Winnerwell Nomad or the Ozpig?

The Winnerwell Nomad is predominantly constructed from high-quality 304 stainless steel, known for its resistance to rust and longevity. Ozpig also offers a sturdy build, but the materials used may vary, influencing its overall durability when exposed to the elements over time.

Can anyone share their experience with the portability and setup of either the Winnerwell Nomad or the Ozpig when camping?

Many outdoor enthusiasts find the Winnerwell Nomad medium stove to be easy to transport and set up due to its nesting leg design and lighter weight. The Ozpig, while also designed for portability, has a different setup due to its cylindrical shape and may require more space.

What's the price range for the Winnerwell Nomad and Ozpig, and which offers better value for money?

The price range for the Winnerwell Nomad and Ozpig stoves vary depending on the retailer and model. The Nomad is often considered a premium product with its stainless steel construction, which can be reflected in its price. The Ozpig's value for money comes from its dual use as both a heater and a cooker, offering versatility.

Are there any notable accessories that are must-haves for either the Winnerwell Nomad or the Ozpig stoves?

Both stoves support a range of accessories, adding to their functionality. For the Winnerwell Nomad, accessories like water tanks and additional stove pipes can be essential for extended camping trips. The Ozpig offers accessories like different cooking plates, chimneys and warming trays, which greatly enhance its cooking capabilities.

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